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ACRES is the most valuable tool for sales network managers.

Our clients' experience shows the system:

reduces transport and job costs
(ca. 30-40%),
minimises employee wasted time
simplifies supervisors' work.

The producer and distributor
of the system is ANCOM Ltd

ACRES system is specially designed for businesses based on sales representatives' extensive network. Main tasks are: to gather, to sort out, to process and to transfer data relevant to sales management.

The system provides:

continuous input of purchase orders at the point of sale,

input purchase orders immediately to effect sales distribution,

collecting potential market information at the point of sale,

registering sales representative’s tracking and worktime,

analysis of cost and effectiveness of representatives
and profitability of points of sale.

Download the introduction
to ACRES system

prezentacja (PDF)
1.1 MB

We have also designed SKLIF - Fleet Management and Cost Control System, dedicated to companies where sales is not required to be registered.

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